About us

Legal excellence, clarity, focus on substance and transparency: these are our core values at KLART Szabó Legal. Our main competences comprise demanding legal projects in the borderline of business and public law. As a highly specialized boutique law firm we help you find business-oriented solutions and clarity in complex legal matters.


Health care

Our team is continuously advising and representing clients in the healthcare sector. We have gained extensive experience in handling medical liability issues and guiding clients on regulatory questions. KLART Szabó Legal advises on unfair competition cases relating to medical products, as well as on rules applicable to personal health data.

Information Technology and Communication

Our practice is known for its in-depth ITC project expertise gained in various industries, such as the banking/financial sector, public transportation, the healthcare industry, and production sectors. We regularly support a variety of complex matters, such as multijurisdictional outsourcings, international privacy compliance programs or

Infrastructure and construction

Our unique project management approach represents a guarantee of successful implementation of infrastructure and real estate development projects both on the developer and customer side.

Corporate Commercial

We offer effective legal assistance to producers, wholesalers, retailers and distributors with regard to commercial law, competition and advertising law, data and consumer protection as well as franchise rights.

Knowledge intensive businesses

With an exceptional knowledge of all areas of business law, KLART Szabó Legal truly is the law firm for your company in the knowledge intensive business industry, such as IT consultancy, R and D, consultancy and marketing business.

Financial institutions

Our banking and finance team supports both core and non-core areas of the operation of financial institutions. We regularly counsel on project and corporate finance issues as well as state aid related assignments.


Public procurement

Our attorneys successfully support both contracting authorities and enterprises tendering for contracts. We assist throughout the entire tender procedure and in any disputes arising from public procurement.

Intellectual Property

Our dedicated experts handle a variety of intellectual property law issues. Our background covers trademarks, copyright, patent, software rights, design and technology transfers.

Data privacy

We advise companies on local and multijurisdictional privacy and data protection issues. Our privacy team has in-depth knowledge of European Union law, and is trained to handle all data protection issues raised by international data transfers, social media, Big Data, the Internet of Things, and e-commerce.

Competition law

Our exceptional competition law practice is ranked among the best in Hungary. We help you in merger clearance cases with both EU and national dimensions, anti-trust cases, competition law litigation, abuse of dominant market position and state aid issues.

Dispute resolution

Our dispute resolution practice represents clients in any and all matters arising from commercial and public disputes. Our specialities are administration law disputes when challenging decisions of public bodies such as tax, competition, environmental, intellectual property, financial and insurance supervisory, health care and data authorities.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We have contributed to the success of several mergers and acquisitions as representative of the Seller, the Buyer or the target company. Thus we are capable of supporting the most demanding transactions as well as effectively executing mid-size or smaller deals.


Can we possibly achieve a promotion that is legally impeccable, effective, and attractive to consumers? – Lessons from a HUF 40 million competition fine

2016. 04. 21.

Considering that promotions are subject to rigorous legal regulation, even carefully planned campaigns might entail heavy fines. In connection with a recent issue that slipped into the limelight, one may wonder about the very existence of any promotion that is not threatened with a penalty of greater value than the profit expected by the...

Advertising fines can be reduced by involving independent experts

2016. 04. 21.

The Hungarian Competition Authority (“HCA”) recently issued a communication on methods of setting fines in consumer protection cases. To ensure compliance, one company consulted an independent expert, whose opinion was taken into consideration in establishing the company’s commercial practices.  The HCA highlighted that...

Do bosses have free rein to spy on employees' online activity?

2016. 03. 25.

In its judgment released last week,  the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) have dealt with a case, when an employee was dismissed for using an instant messaging platform for personal means during working hours. The access to the respective Yahoo Messenger account was only permitted for professional purposes, via the employer’s IT tools....